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If you mount the radiator with the fans on the bottom, then it might be easiest to mount the fans to the radiator before installing the radiator into the case, which is what I did for this installation.

  • Remember that splitter has one master and others are slave.

  • The H100i has an integrated 4-fan hub which is where you will want to plug in your H100i fans.

  • This is a small lightweight device that has got a built-in magnet and comes with included Velcro strip for effortless and easy installation.

Provide details and share your research! It is available in two colors: black or white.

  • Fan Speed Percentage Allows you to control the fan speed.

  • Asking fans what they most want will help you understand their preferences and you can build the most popular requests into your plan.

  • Thanks for contributing an answer to Electrical Engineering Stack Exchange! Although it is the exhaust fan that is responsible for the most of the noise output which I discovered when I temporarily set its rpm to zero.

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