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The Paper Bag Princess Story

Kids will love making this.

  • As the battle continues, Touma is bewildered by the spectacle.

  • This is a classic and I am glad to see that it is getting a special anniversary edition.

  • But, I think I would have liked this a lot better had it only been about the dragon, or only been about the relationship with the prince - but I didn't like them both together because one seemed to undermine the other.

Ways To Use Paper Bag Puppets One great benefit of paper bag puppets is how kids can use them for educational purposes.

  • I wore a white, knit hoodie underneath, and used white poster board for the shirt white was the easiest color to match, and looked cute with the skirt.

  • Helpful Tip: To add stability to the basket, start each weave in a different corner.

  • Go make your little girls read this book before they get to the Disney Princess stories.