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You are so full and overstuffed; it would be a struggle to get up now.

  • Tons to do today and a fatty needs time to rest, huff, puff and eat! I have a thing for dates and figures.

  • By the time I recovered enough to get back to the gym, I had gained 40 pounds, had lost my stamina and had a dramatically bigger appetite from constant stuffings.

  • Join us now and get a chance to find out the real pleasure of having a super—sized, big, handsome man in your life! Is it easy to be this big? The craziest thing about it is that my body seems to be getting used to it.

He decided to film it so you all could see too.

  • Now you probably your snacks are rather different from mine, but then again, you are not 702 lbs, or are you? I didn't even notice when she managed to add a whole extra dinner to our daily schedule.

  • Completely at my mercy, like a good little piggy should be.

  • And they really liked to play with my droopy belly.