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what episode does sasuke kiss sakura in shippuden

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And sasuke sakura 20+ Sasuke

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And sasuke sakura 10 Facts

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Naruto tries to comfort her by telling her that Sakura was still her mother no matter, stating how love is more important than blood.

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  • Theur conversations are very respectful and with a level of education that passes from politeness.

  • Hearing the name Orochimaru and seeing this as a chance to possibly get information on retrieving Sasuke, Sakura works with Chiyo and the two work together to defeat the Akatsuki.

The last time Sakura confessed her feelings to Sasuke, she was a fangirl who knew nothing about him.

  • No matter how hard the journey, Sakura will never give up.

  • Sakura stops Sasuke When Sasuke finally awakens by the cursed seal, he immediately asks Sakura who injured her.

  • He insisted that she would make a better Hokage then he ever could and would support her through her struggles, much to her delight.