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McKayla Maroney pictures deleted off Reddit board 'The Fappening' after under age warning

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The Shockingly Simple Way the Nude Photos of 'Celebgate' Were Stolen

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The Leaked Photos Of McKayla Maroney Were Taken When She Was Under Age, And Reddit Is Freaking Out

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Reddit Warns About McKayla Maroney Photos

Meanwhile, others accused McKayla of having her derriere surgically enhanced by getting butt implants.

  • Then, it seems that whoever was managing the personal accounts of several of the targeted celebrities complied, replying to those messages with the requested access information: the usernames and passwords for their accounts.

  • Jennifer Lawrence, Kate Upton, Kirsten Dunst, Avril Lavigne, Lea Michele, McKayla Maroney and Ariana Grande were among the celebrities whose photos were said to be in the Celebgate dump.

  • A theory offered on Twitter by security expert Dan Kaminsky, chief scientist at , is that someone who was collecting a cache of the celebrity nudes may been hacked by the person or people who spread the images online over the weekend.

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  • Reddit has spoken out against the photo-sharing and says they will delete all photos of the underage celebrities.

  • Here is a complete list of the Celebrities whose images and videos have been leaked in Fappening 2.

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